3109+ Digital Door Lock

Access by proximity card, pin code or key for your convenience.

Smart Convenience

Combining high security with cutting edge technology, the Yale 3109+ Digital Door Lock is a high quality security solution for the contemporary home.

Suitable for both timber and aluminium applications, the Yale 3109+ Digital Door Lock can be used with pin code, proximity cards or key.

There are also a range of accessories available for easy, key-free access to your home.

- Bluetooth Module Available (Sold Separately) -

Bluetooth Features:

  • App available (Yale Link) for both iOS and Android phones
  • easily lock or unlock your door with just your phone
  • Set your locks location with the app and phone will prompt you to unlock your door when you approach it
  • Add or delete codes or proximity cards without using the lock keypad
  • See an event log for your lock
  • Manage your lock settings
  • Manage authorisation including user codes and set up visitor/one-time codes from your phone
  • Monitor the entrance, alarm and register history of the lock from your phone


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Various Access

Three access solutions, pin code, proximity card or key for your convenience. 4 digit one time code for temporary access.

Smart Touchpad

To prevent the pin from being exposed due to residual fingerprints after opening a door, complete the door opening process by wiping the keypad with your palm after entering the pin.

Scramble Code

You can add meaningless numbers before or after the pin when there is a chance of exposing your pin to others.

Automatic Locking

Automatically locks the door after checking it is properly closed (manual operation is also selectable).

Safe Handle

When enabled, the button on the inside handle must be depressed before the lever will operate. This is a child safety feature as small children will have difficulty opening the door.

Tamper Alarm

80dB alarm goes off if anyone attempts to damage the lock or force the door open.

Low Battery

It warns in case of low battery with alarm and LED. When the batteries are completely discharged, you can easily supply power to the lock from outside with a standard 9V battery.

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Mortice Lock

Proximity cards

4 (Max 40)

Mechanical keys


Pin code

1 pin on standard mode, 30 pins in advanced mode (4-10 digits)


Stainless Steel

Door type

Timber / Aluminium

Door thickness



60mm / 70mm

Part number


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How to install your 3109+

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How to program your 3109+

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3109+ Features and Benefits

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Yale Link app User Guide

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