Unlock doors from anywhere

Easy and accessible with an app - the way of the future

The Yale Assure SL brings smart security to the masses. It has a sleek key-free design and being battery powered it doesn’t require any hard-wiring.

Digital door locks were once the domain of either commercial buildings or the uber rich. Nowadays with the rise of the tech-generation, smart digital locks are becoming more attainable and reflective of the modern way of living – whereby ‘easy and accessible with an app’ is part of the vernacular.

The latest offering from Yale is the Assure SL – a slimline digital deadbolt featuring a highly robust and secure lock from Yale as one would expect, with the smarts of Apple HomeKit technology for home management.

Apple HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control a home’s lights, doors, thermostats, and more from an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. But the best feature from a door lock perspective is the door can be locked and unlocked via an iPhone app from anywhere in the world. An ideal solution for letting family, friends, tradesmen or pet-minders in.

The Assure SL also offers many benefits from a business or lifecycle perspective. Consider rental properties or bookable holiday homes; for the former, locks don’t need to be changed with each new tenant and for the latter, a key lock box isn’t required as holiday home owners can simply assign pin codes remotely to holiday goers, then easily delete the pin code once they have left – so there is no need to worry about lost keys or keys being copied.

The Assure SL really is an attainable solution as it easily replaces most existing deadbolts with just a screwdriver so it isn’t limited to new builds. And with its discrete styling it enhances and complements most door types.

Other app features include; creating pin codes on the fly to share with others, view lock status and sync with other HomeKit accessories. Therefore it is totally conceivable to have the lights turn on when the door opens.

The lock itself has a number of features; up to 25 unique 4 to 8 digit entry codes can be set via the keypad, one touch locking, privacy button and an alarm that sounds when the lock is tampered with.

The Yale Assure SL is much more than a door lock - it’s a product that truly embraces the future and reflects the freedom people have come to expect in an age where life and smart technology are interlocked.