Renovation Building Blocks

with renovation enthusiasts, Alice & Caleb


Alice and Caleb Pearson, winners of The Block NZ 2013 know a fair few things about the highs and the lows of renovating a home. Fortunately for them there has mostly been highs.

Since the show they have pursued a passion for renovation, and share their insights, learning and progress along the way as Pearson and Projects. They regularly get to try new products “For us, we don’t need to have the latest gadgets, but we do want products that will add value to a home and to how we live. We think that a digital lock is an ideal showcase of technology improving how we live.”

Their latest project has seen them head south to Nelson “For the past 12 months we have been on our Renovation Road Trip. We both left our jobs in Auckland, packed everything into a trailer and relocated to the South Island - to renovate a couple of houses, spend some quality time together as a family and enjoy and explore New Zealand.”

The Assure SL suited their lifestyle and needs to a tee. “No worries about having to take the house keys with us when we leave home. We can set up individual codes which we can both remember as well as creating additional access codes for visitors or tradespeople.”

As renovation and DIY enthusiasts they know exactly what they want and are pretty handy too. “The lock is easy to use and was easy to install. Clear instructions for install and setup. Once our codes were created, we could simply set and go”.

Aesthetics is high on their priority list as the right look provides a harmonious flow not only for the eye but for the occupant as they move through spaces “When we renovate a house, we know that first impressions count. From the arrival and entry of the house, you need to make your house stand out. A front door can really make a statement, not just with a bright colour, but with technology to match.

For us the colour of the lock works great with the black hardware – making it really stand out.”

So what’s in store next for Alice and Caleb “We are passionate about our family, creating homes, working hard, adventures and doing good. Our days at the moment change regularly, but consist mostly of renovating and family time. Writing and creating content for Pearson & Projects, and spending quality time with the kids. And trying to get away on some regular adventures to explore our new region, as we haven’t been here long. It’s comforting knowing we have a solid deadbolt and no keys to lose.”

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