Designed for Home

with photographer and mum of three, Tarryn Donaldson


Tarryn Donaldson’s passport may say ‘Photographer’ but ask how her days are really spent and it’s clear where most of her time goes – running in and out the front door from one task to the next.

A typical day for Tarryn is a familiar scene for working mums; “School drop-offs, kindy drop-offs, gym, nap times, work in-between, kindy pick-ups, after school activities, dinner, bath time, bedtime, more work.”

With three young children at home as well as a busy career in photography and social media, Tarryn has found that even the simplest change for the better can make for a vastly more enjoyable day. “If there are ways to make my life easier, then I am all over that.”

And like every Mum, Tarryn has experienced that small grating moment in the middle of a busy day… Hands full, baby crying, and keys lost at the bottom of a suddenly very full handbag.

But her busy schedule means Tarryn has no time to drop everything to find her keys every time she walks in the door… And with her latest purchase safely installed, she doesn’t need to. In fact, with the Yale Assure SL digital lock securing her front door she doesn’t need her keys at all.

“All I have to do is pop in my pin code and I can easily open the door without having to put  any of my bags down on the floor – the last thing I need after lugging baby, groceries, handbag, and capsule all the way up the front stairs to the door!”

Its sleek, modern style was important – “it matches the overall look of our front door perfectly both inside and out” – but for Tarryn, her family’s safety was the deciding factor when choosing her new front door lock.

“Kylan’s at school now, and it was always a concern if he came home before me. I didn’t want him to be locked outside. Now he can unlock the front door himself with a simple code – no key to lose, and it’s easy for him to enter.”

And it’s not just the kids that are protected – the whole family is safer all year round with Yale on guard.

“It’s a small thing, but it makes me feel good - whenever we head away, I can unlock the front door from where we are to let the pet-sitter in to feed our fur babies, so I know they’re always okay.”

It might just be that with her new keyless front door lock from Yale, Tarryn has unlocked the secret to a more carefree existence. We like that.
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