At home in the World

with travel blogger Ben Mikha


For Ben Mikha, the view from a mountaintop is all the better for knowing that things are locked down and safe at home.

With a job – and a life – based on travelling the world, Ben relies on a few key items to keep things on track. His list of travel essentials is pretty familiar to most of us – camera, cellphone, passport, credit card.

But for a while now, Ben’s been able to leave the house keys at home. In fact, he probably couldn’t tell you where he left them.

“I use the Yale app for my new digital lock now to open the door to tradies – or for example, a mate that called the other day and let me know he’d left a camera lens at my place. I was at the gym at the time and in the past that would have been really annoying – this time I just unlocked the door using my iPhone. Too easy.”

That sense of freedom is essential to Ben; he’s built his world around being able to pack up and go whenever the travel bug calls. “A day in my life’s like anyone else’s – sleep, eat, train, work, chill. The locations make a difference though – I’ve had a pretty amazing year travelling to some stunning spots that have really allowed me to live the life I love.”

Because he’s away from home so often, security’s been a concern in the past. At first, as a guy that can take or leave the latest tech, a digital lock wasn’t on his list.

“I was recommended the Yale Assure SL digital lock and at first was a bit sketched out because it didn’t have a key - I was wondering how it would work if the power was out… But it runs off external batteries so there’s no worries there. And I’m not having to leave a spare key out for some random person to find, so I can relax when I’m away.”

It doesn’t hurt that the lock’s so good looking either. For a photographer who’s known for the jaw-droppingly beautiful content he creates for his own Instagram account, and for clients across the world, aesthetics are a major consideration. “It’s sleek and minimal – it makes my life easier and saves me time, that’s more than enough for me.”

Winning the role of Discovery Channel’s first global intern over 50,000 other entrants was a highlight but his day-to-day job’s not bad either; creating films for brands and clients and his own social media platforms and using his voice to make the internet a more positive and supportive place.

With his new Yale Assure SL digital lock installed, and his home secure, what’s next on the agenda for Ben?

“Travel, adventure, culture, spirituality, fitness and fun – wouldn’t have it any other way.”
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