1940s meets modern tech

with ZM radio announcer, cat lover and soon-to-be home renovator Clint Roberts


Anyone who’s been through a renovation recognises the problem.

Do you leave a key for the tradie in the letterbox where anyone can get it, or under the third rock from the left in the garden where it could be lost forever? And when  different workers need to be coordinated throughout the project, do they all get different keys, or do you arrange a swap part-way through?

Luckily, for ZM announcer Clint Roberts and wife Lucy, it’s no longer a problem they’re dreading.

Although their renovation’s going to take a month or so – and a heck of a lot of coordination – with their trusty Yale Assure SL guarding their home, they can let in who they want, when they want. “I can now manage the security with individual codes that I can delete at any time. It’s much safer and smoother.”

For tech fan Clint, their new Assure SL digital lock ticks a lot of boxes.

“Anyone who knows me through social media knows that I post a lot of tech stuff and people interact with me a lot about it - like I’m trialing it for them. I don’t lie about the products - if it doesn’t work the way it should, I say so. I’ve had zero issues with this lock."

“The Yale secure app integrates directly with Apple HomeKit. With the lock synced with my Apple TV Gen 4 - which is acting as a home hub - I can access it from anywhere… And I love toys, so setting this up and going was like Christmas for me.”

For this design-led pair, style was another important consideration – their home originally had a very well used Yale latching lock which never let them down, so new locks installed during the renovation needed to offer something pretty special to be in the running.

“The look is important - the door that it is installed on will be a central part of our new kitchen, so it has to look good. The Yale Assure SL lock doesn’t stand out too much, it’s sleek and minimalist.

And when the renovation is done, what are their plans for the future?

“Popping the cork on a bottle of bubbles – and re-setting our door lock’s codes for just the two of us. After opening the door to tradies and inspectors for months it’s going to be nice just having our home safely to ourselves again!”

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